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Kathie Lee Gifford | Hoda Kotb Gray Hair
Earlier this morning Today show’s  Kathie Lee and Hoda tweeted the question, “Should Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Go Gray?”   They’ve got a  resounding YES from us!  They both look great.  We love these gray hair styles!  What do you think?  Leave a comment.

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  1. jantom6 says

    They both look stunning! It will take a while to get there because of the length of their hair, but with a good colorist, the transition won't be bad. I went gray 3 years ago and I LOVE my hair! I constantly get compliments on it. I say, go for it and don't look back. You look gorgeous!

  2. Sandra says

    I am 62 years young and have been turning gray since I was 30. I said if it did not come in like Elvira I would leave it alone. I have saved a lot of money on dyes I am sure…and hopefully wear and tear on my head. But to me…it me…it life and I'm grey and proud of it. I think you both look marvelous !!

  3. Kathie & Hoda Gray! says

    Why not rock the gray if you got it?! . . Natural beauty is sexy . . and better than hanging onto an aging color/style. . . Rock the gray!

  4. tere says

    their gray hair might come in platinum like mine did…..gray hair is sexy and I get more compliments with it than my dark hair ever did

  5. denise says

    What is the big deal? They are 60 . . not 20! . .Do they want to keep trying to look 20 or 30, or own their own natural beauty and age? Why not rock the gray . . and inspire other women to go au naturale, stop the treadmill of trying to look young at any age/cost. Gray is beautiful on Kathie Lee and Hoda!

    • tinker says

      Because no one would watch their show of two gray grandmas. The showmanistas that controlled Jay Leno thought he looked too old. Jay, you should have put a little color in it, like you use to.

    • tinker says

      You have got to be kidding. Her hair has always looked luxurious red. Why would she want to get rid of what sets her apart?

  6. heather says

    I think they look good with the grey but it can feel creepy sometimes….I went grey – oh natural but had a relapse and went back to some silvery whitish high lights and darker low lights. I still don't have roots as the platinum and low lights blend in so it is definitely progress. My hair is very short and layered and choppy, rather funky and fun.

    • tinker says

      Good for you. I think the gray lovers on this site, need beer buddies, to feel good about not coloring their hair.

  7. ladyjane says

    YES, they both should go gray or excuse me, that would be silver. I finally grew mine out, and it's about the same length of Hoda's. I love it. It looks like I highlighted the front and sides, then it get's slightly darker as it goes to the back. I don't think I look older, just wiser and more distinguished. Not going back, no not ever.

  8. mariel says

    I always wonder why I don't see more women on tv rock the natural gray hair. Even on news, tv, movies, and public figures.

  9. Steph says

    Sure, if that's what THEY want. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks! Both pictures are stunning, though. =)

  10. Gail says

    If they went gray, I'd gain some respect for them. I'm not a fan of these ladies. They interrupt their guests and seem to be way too fond of wine. If they did go gray, I'd have to give them credit for having the guts to do it on a high profile morning TV show.

  11. kathy says

    They both have that "dyed blond with dark roots" look. anything would be an improvement and grey would be beautiful.

  12. Joan says

    Kathy Lee needs to return to her brown hair which was classic/classy and beautiful on her. She looks like a tramp with the blonde straw she's wearing now. Not a fan of her in gray either.
    Hoda looks fabulous gray and she should do it.

    • tinker says

      I agree. I don't look at gray as a badge of honor, like many people do that are commenting. And long gray hair, yuk! I do think, once 40, going pale blonde makes a person look old, just like gray hair does. Kathie Lee's hair would look richer and younger going back to her beautiful Reddish somewhat brown hair. It was her trademark, that set her apart.. I admire her for continuing to keep her hair long. Her personality is rich and wonderful, but her pale blonde hair, trailer park..

  13. Mary S says

    Kelly Ripa is a another who would look stunning if she went gray. She's talked about her gray hair for years. Why not just do it Kelly?! It would be brave but gorgeous.

  14. Martha G says

    I can't figure out why someone hasn't figured out how to create "gray" dye so that the transition period isn't quite so hideous. I have short hair so chopping it off short made it easier. It would take both of these gals a lot of time to have those long, gray locks – but, I think they look beautiful. I am not sure TV broadcasting would tolerate the transition look. I wish broadcasting would be OK with gray for WOMEN and then perhaps others would join in for the gray revolution!!! Seems like it is OK for guys to have gray hair on TV!!

    • Val says

      There is no such thing as "gray". It's pure white hair without any pigment to it. When it is mixed with other colored hair it gives the illusion of being "gray". That's why there's no easy way, you just have to take a year and do it! Besides, you never know what you're going to get till you go for it. Some people use non permanent dye while they are growing out and that can be helpful.

  15. Elise says

    They both look awesome gray. Also, the more prominent women start allowing their true colors to show through, the more us regular folk will feel comfortable and confident enough to leave the color bottle behind.

  16. Gabrielle says

    Absolutely! They both look amazing and should quit trying to look 20 something. I am 44 and letting the grays come on.

  17. Tiferet says

    To me gray is nature's most beautiful highlight. Just wait, gray will be the new platinim blonde! I just cut out all my color on my already-short hair into a pixie. All the white shows uo so brightly and gives my hair so much more dimension. Now it looks best messy. Mimthink every woman should free themselves fro hair color. Makeup looks amazing with gray hair. I am absolutely thrilled and my husband adores it. Can't wait tomgrow it out.

  18. Janette says

    Wow, they both look stunning!! I am 33 and have been going grey since I was 14…. I am seriously considering going natural because my hair is about 50% grey and I have to dye it every two weeks. Is there a simulator website so I can see what I would look like with a grey hairstyle?

  19. Jackie Catcott says

    Love their grey — as I love mine. Went grey about 8 years ago. One side pretty strands of real white — looking for something not to change color at all but to brighten it. It's about the same length as Kathy Lees

  20. Jackie Catcott says

    I was having my hair cut and happened to be sitting in real sunlight. I could see the natural grey roots were a lot prettier and shiner than the dye job that was being cut Told her to cut all the dye out – it was short, trust me — but I've never ever been sorry. Jamie Lee Curtis was my inspiration cause she'd recently gone grey. Finally get a little bit of credibility too!

    • Kathleen says

      I did the same thing, Jackie. I started going gray at age 18, but never liked it, so I kept dying it. However, when I got older, I got so darn tired of dying my hair, so I let it come in gray, I went through the transition for a while but, after seeing what my dark brown hair was doing with the gray coming in, I went to a hairdresser and got it cut short…very short. Really short hair never suited me, but I loved the salt and pepper look that I had, and still have at age 61. My hair grew fast, so I let it do that, but kept it short until it was all gray. Then I let it grow longer…just a few inches below my shoulder, and then got a great style that I loved, and I keep it like that now. My hair is so much more shiny and I get a lot of compliments on it, It is still keeping the natural salt-n-pepper look and I absolutely love it, especially when it shines so great when in the sunlight. :) I wasn't sorry either, for having it cut real short, except that I sort of missed my almost waist length hair. That's why my hair style is a bit longer and I love it. I love the shine and style and I wouldn't ever change it now. :)

  21. tinker says

    Gray hair washes out all of Kathie Lee's skin color. There is nothing worse than LONG gray hair. Kathie Lee, go back to your rich younger-looking red hair.

  22. Ariadne says

    You bet go gray. If broadcasting insists women must cover gray then a real activist movement should begin by insisting that all men cover their gray, including the studio execs. Bet they begin to sing a different tune then. LOL

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