Curling and Straightening Your Gray Hair

Curling iron
Is your gray hair under control?  For many women, going gray isn’t challenging because of the color change.  Instead, it’s the texture and lack of control that’s especially frustrating.

Taking an iron to gray hair can result in yellowing.  Maybe that’s why one how-to recommends a straightening process that doesn’t involve a flatiron.  The right smoothing products and blow drying techniques are all it takes to set your curly hair straight.

Maintaining curls also has a lot to do with moisturizer. suggests using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.  “[Jonathan Torch of the Curly Hair Institute] likes to use Curl Keeper on his gray clients to enhance their shine.”

Whether you want your gray hair to be straight or curly, it’s all about taming those resistant wiry strands.  Sometimes pampering those uncooperative hairs with moisture just won’t cut it, and when that happens, New York-based stylist Paul Labrecque suggests using a maximum hold hairspray.  He claims it can do wonders in keeping stray hairs where you want them.

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