Jokes to Dye For

You may have heard before that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile (though according to plastic surgeon David H. Song, this only applies if we don’t count our eye muscles).  You also may have heard that laughing can make you live longer because it reduces stress and anxiety.

Who knows if either of these physical incentives are true?  In any case, they certainly can’t hurt.  If you are smiling or laughing, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re having a good time.  So here are a few gray hair funnies to help you get those smile muscles working:

“She was what we used to call a suicide blond — dyed by her own hand.” – Saul Bellow

“I am a Gray who is very afraid of dyeing.” – Spalding Gray (on why he won’t use a hair dye product)

“There is only one cure for gray hair.  It was invented by a Frenchman.  It is called the guillotine.” – P.J. Wodehouse

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