Styling Products for Smooth & Shiny Gray Hair

Gray hair is unique in it’s texture and color.  It often requires special products to make it look and feel it’s best.  According to More Magazine, Gray hair follicles produce little oil and next to no melanin, says Richard Korb, a scientist in research and development at Unilever (maker of Dove Hair Care). A glossing treatment can help. A good at-home version costs less than salon, and results last about a week.

A few suggestions from readers (aff):

John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine, 6.5 oz, 2 pk also comes in tinted shades.

Phyto Phytodefrisant Hair Relaxing Balm (5 oz)  “Achieve the perfect blow-out with this award-winning, heat-activated, sleek-making complex. The exclusive plant-based formula, rich in ferula, horseradish, and sage hydrates, softens and protects unruly hair prepping it for a smooth look.”

Phytolisse Ultra-Glossing Finishing Serum For Hair (Travel Size 5 mL) “Instantly calm flyaways and tame frizz with this non-greasy style enhancer. Use throughout the day to maintain glossy shine, no matter the conditions.”

Fekkai Ageless ™ All Day Hair Plump“Unleash your hair’s potential with this ultra-luxurious, daytime leave-in treatment that plumps and retexturizes strands to reveal healthy, thick, silky smooth hair. This light créme provides intense, continuous moisture throughout the day filling and plumping up damaged and roughed up cuticles. Repairs damaged hair and provides bio-conditioning to reinforce the hair cuticle for increased hair strength. Used in conjunction with Overnight Hair Repair, hair is visibly plumped, replenished and renewed around the clock. Hair looks thicker, younger, healthier, and like it’s never seen a day of damage.” Available from


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  1. joannct1 says

    i have been also in the group going gray looking, and also another 1 the rainbowrom. it closed mademe sad. i havebeen trying to go gray, for several years now, i am age 54, i got s really short cut so hopefully i have 1 more cut and be done with the last of auburn hair color. i want to find something i can use that keeps my hair looking good. i also just bought at sallys clairol shimmer lights shampoo and conditioner, i use bio- silk too in my hair i have been useing it for a few years now love it!!

  2. maricar says

    My gray hair is getting a yellowish color, I believe it is from the well water. any ideas on how to remove the yellowish color?

    • Frankie says

      Use a shampoo and conditioner that contain a blue/lavender tint that are formulated especially for platinum and gray hair. I don't have any particular one to recommend. If you cannot find anything locally, try, or The yellowish business happens naturally. Do not use any hair products that contain dyes, as gray hair is particularly inclined to absorb them. The blue/lavender tint will cancel out the yellow. For anyone who is considering frosting or streaking: If all they do is remove the color from your hair it will likely wind up with yellow streaks! Be sure your colorist knows what he/she is doing and has worked with gray hair.

    • Lady Grey says

      I’ve been experimenting with a few products but so far what has worked for me has been Manic Panic Virgin Snow for a semi-perm no ammonia/peroxide toner and on high recommendation I just purchased Ardell Red Gold Corrector that you mix with your conditioner to create a really great and cost effective conditioner. I’ve used Nexxus Simply Silver with great results but just purchased Shimmer Lights to try it out. The Virgin Snow worked really well on my hair and conditioned it as well. I’m also going to try a Cowashing routine which means only using shampoo twice a week and using your conditioner as a shampoo (lots of info on the web about “cowashing”) and bought Suave Naturals Conditioner since it was Dimethicone free (trying to stay away from silicones). It’s actually been a really empowering journey to grow out my gray at 37 and as you can tell, I’m a bit excited about it all really. As a younger women I think that women with gray are truly beautiful and there something more powerful and stunning in gray hair than weird shades of mottled brown and scrambled egg yellow. I’m in transition as it grows out but because I started early it’s only about 20 – 30 % gray, mostly towards the front in streaks as thick as two fingers wide. My son tells me I look like a comic book villianess. I rather like that ;) Good luck to all my silver sisters!

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