Conditioner for Your Gray Hair

Last month, we told you all about some specialty shampoos for gray hair.  Now, we’re focusing the limelight on a few conditioners that will keep your hair soft and manageable.  Some of these are tried and true and some of them are newer to the playing field.  Let us know if you see a favorite on here and share your review with us in the comments!Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner– “Adds silvery brightness to gray hair and neutralizes brassy tones in all shades. Formulated with blue malva and coneflower to help impart wanted moisture and brightness.”Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Conditioner– “Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Conditioner contains a rich blend of emollients, moisturizers, and color refreshers for gray, white, highlighted, and light blonde tinted hair. Silkens coarse gray hair. Leaves hair manageable with no residue.”Carol’s Daughter Tui Leave-In Conditioner – “Infused with chamomile and marigolds to nurture, soften and rejuvenate your over-stressed tresses, this fragrant cocktail of guava, mango and passion fruit promotes general hair health. For normal hair”

Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey – “This herbal-infused pomade controls frizzies and adds luster to all types of hair while delivering a sweet citrus scent. With protective alkanet root and annatto seeds for color, this pomade is excellent to tame and soften permed hair”

Redken Time Reset Youth Revitalizer - “Decadent rinse-out mask spreads evenly through the lengths of hair to provide intense, deep conditioning with a dose of peptides and ceramide for targeted repair. It detangles to ease combability, rebalances lost moisture and helps restore hair’s youthful shine.”

Phytocyane Revitalizing Serum (for thinning hair) – “Phyto Phytocane Revitalizing Serum is a revitalizing lotion for thinning hair (for women) and is recommended for women experiencing hair loss due to hormonal, physiological or mechanical factors”

Kérastase Paris Masque Oléo-Relax – “Dry hair becomes smooth, soft and supple.  The Nutri-Huille Complex adds softness and shine, while silicone derivatives provide long-lasting anti-frizz protection”

More favorites from readers:

Shielo Hydrate conditioner - “has really helped in so many ways. For one I love the smell it is not strong but also not to weak it is the right amount of a smell. Another thing the Shielo Hydrate shampoo itself is not really thick it has a silky smooth feel to it. It lathers up really really well and cleans so well.”

Got a favorite?  Tell us all about it and why!  We love your feedback!

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  1. We have a rainwater tank and everyone that visits thinks it is that shampoo that makes their hair soft. If you can, catch some rain water and see and feel the difference. I use oils to keep my curly hair tame. Almond oil works well or try grape seed, avocado and of course jojoba and coconut. I actually do a mix. (try the oils on your skin as well, extremely good at minimising wrinkles and crepe skin!!)

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