Taking Care of Gray Hair Naturally

naturalWe are back blogging after a little hiatus!  Much has been going on behind the scenes at Going Gray!  We have some exciting news to share with you shortly.  In the interim, here is a lovely post on natural ways to take care of graying hair. Have some tips of your own?  Please share by leaving a comment!

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  1. RP says

    Oh dear, the linked article seems to be about ways to get rid of gray hair, not taking care of it!

    Once a week, I use a shampoo for gray hair (American Crew or Pantene), and it seems to keep my silvery bits silvery.

  2. says

    I went gray about 5 years ago. it was a huge step for me and it took all kinds of postive “self talk” to keep me from turning back.

    I had always admired women who were confident enough to let it all hang out so to speak. Now, I wouldn’t dream of changing it or coloring it again. I absolutely love it.

    The key to looking nice with gray hair is a good hair cut. Nothing looks worse than gray hair hanging like straw on a woman’s head. She looks haggard, old and just plain awful in my view.

    I wear very stylish and smart hair cuts. I use good shampoos & conditioners. Every so often I use my “So Silver” shampoo by Matrix. It is a violet shampoo that takes out impurities and chemicals in our water that can dull gray hair. It brightens it up and keeps it shiney. After I dry it and style it, I spray another product by Aquage called “Simply Shine”. It causes the hair to shine and sparkle. I call it my “tinsel spray” because it makes my hair sparkle like christmas tree tinsel.

    For some of us it takes courage to go gray, but once you do, it’s absolute, total freedom. I am so glad I did it.

  3. caro says

    yes, i see the linked article talks about covering up your grey hair….hmmm…not what i was looking for as attached to this blog surprised….still glad this blog exists. I’m passing it on.

  4. Susan says

    The link is misleading! Who creates the entries on these blogs? That link is about getting rid of gray hair, not caring for it.

    I use Cost Cutters Shampoo for Gray Hair rotating with Pert Shamp/Cond Moisturizing Formula. My silvers really sparkle with this combo.

  5. Janette says

    I’m 60 with very curly hair and I’ve decided to go gray – or at least see what it looks like on me. My hairdresser says that curls and grey hair can be tricky and that the conditioners in my colour are very neccessary to keep my hair looking shiney and soft.
    Any hinys anyone?

  6. Lil Allred says

    I love my grey hair. Tried the dieing thing & hated it. As a friend of mine stated., “Lil, this is the closet to blond we will ever be so why cover it up “? I constantly received compliments on my hair, at least once a day. I wear it alway from my face in either a french roll or a clip up in the back, I now wear it is very long, for years I wore it in a short style. I use Nexus therappe Luxurious moisturizing shampoo & neutrogena triple moisture contioner. I blow dryer it will a defuser attached & set it in large hot roller. I have very curley hair & this smooth’s it out…….

  7. Vera says

    Thank you Magnolia, I'll try some of those products that you suggest- I let my hair go natural at age 50- three years later it is losing it's charm- I need to invest more time in taking care of it. It is dull unless I flat iron or curl it, I don't like to do that too often because it is so dry.

  8. Lu. says

    For the men who keep it short, and the ladies. Shampoo with Dawn or Cheer. Something blue…go figure. Style with a clear gel like Nexxus Exxtra and never use a spray with alcohol.

    To quote a bald coworker, 'yeah, I'd kill for that'.

  9. Marcia says

    I just made the decision about 2 months ago to go gray. I'm about 1/2 grown out and already am feeling liberated. I have had some family and friends tell me what a mistake I'm making. I'm to young, once you stop it is harder to color the gray, I'll look old, I look like a skunk now as it's grown out, etc. Not much support out there. Love the ideas to keep it in th sparkle. Will try these products. I think it is going to be a really pretty silver/white when complete.

    • Keitha says

      Keep going Marcia. I went grey in 2010, let my hair grow. My husband loved it, and I literally got at least one compliment a day (from all those who wished they had the guts). I also received compliments from kids, teenage girls and guys. Go figure. In 2012 I color it again, not sure why. It was a big mistake. I have spent the last five months going gray again. Now that it is long enough to bounce around and reflect the light. I am getting all sorts of compliments again. I will never color again. I know my husband would never let me color again.

  10. tammy says

    Went cold turkey for 9 months as my hair was too fried to highlight gradually. I then cut it after 9 months. It was 5 different colors! One year to date I now have a bob, growing out into the long stage.
    Hair is shiny silver and I get tons of compliments. Am using nexus hydralite conditioner and shampoo. Once a week silver shampoo by ghirmack along with the silver conditioner. Hair looks wonderfully healthy and shiny without having to use any additional products!

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