Cindy Joseph

Cindy Joseph is a breath of fresh air.  As fashion model, mother of two and a beautiful gray-haired gal, Cindy enjoys appearances in many ads and even has a fitness video.

“As human beings we all want to be valued, but the sad truth is that women are judged based on their looks, and in this age-obsessed society our value goes down as our age goes up.” – Cindy Johnson

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  1. Ms. Joseph is absolutely stunning. I’ve seen her all over the place. It’s so refreshing to see naturally beautiful women in ads. Yasmina Rossi is another gorgeous gray haired model. So inspiring.

  2. Cindy Is a Gray Babe says:

    Cindy is yummy. She is visually stunning. Gets better with age . . like a fine red wine.
    I like her.

  3. Cindy is a beauty!

  4. Cindy was my decision to go gray and I love it! She inspires women to feel good in their own skin and to remember that beauty comes in many different packages.

  5. Newatthis says:

    I am just starting the going gray process – a little bit nervous!!!!

  6. michelle rolleston says:

    i have been gray for 20 years i love it,i have my hair styled well,it actually makes me look younger….i would love to be a model on day,i am 48 years old .


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