Great Gray Hair Products

Here are a  few products for keeping your silver locks shiny and gorgeous. With more and more women (and men!) going gray, the beauty industry is finally developing things to make the most out of gray, silver, and white hair.

Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder is a spray-able powder that enhances your color, blends roots, absorbs oils, and sets your hair. It is available in all colors, including White for silver, white and gray hair.

Silver Fox Hair Care – A line of specialty shampoos and conditioners for maintaining your beautiful silver hair.

PhytoSolutions for gray or white hair is a complete line of products including shampoo, conditioner, an oil scalp treatment and specially formulated supplements.

Aveda’s Blue Malva Shampoo & Conditioner. Aveda is the first name in natural hair care products. Their Blue Malva shampoo and conditioner reduce yellow tints in gray and white hair, brightening it and making it more shiny and lustrous.

Do you have a favorite product you’d like to recommend? Leave a comment and let everyone know what’s worked for you!

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  1. says

    I use nfruizon [] products. I use their clarifying shampoo and their moisturizing conditioner. I love the stuff! The clarifying shampoo keep my white hair from looking yellowed and the moisturizing conditioner leaves my white hair soft and hydrated, so I don’t have the dried-hay look.

  2. says

    Thank you for these. I have recently been using the Trevor Sorbie ‘Rejuvenate’ shampoo and conditioner. This is what the blurb says:

    Brightening Shampoo

    Cashmere and silk proteins moisturise the hair whilst the violet base colour neutralises underlying brassy tones, restoring brightness to blonde or greying hair. Anti-oxidant complex and UV filter protect hair against damaging effects of the environment and heated aplliances. Panthenol improves strength and elasticity.


    * 18 methyl eicosanoic acid – a lipid that is the key to natural shine
    * Amodimethicone – a conditioning active specially designed to target damaged areas
    * HC blue no.2 – level one hair dye to tone down brassy notes in dull grey hair
    * Panthenol – pro Vitamin B5 which improves shine
    * Polyquaternium-10 – conditioning film-forming polymer that gives body by smoothing the cuticles


    * Adds shine
    * Moisturises
    * Reduces brassy tones in blonde & grey hair

    Because of concerns about possible build up of the violet colour I only use these once a week. The rest of the time I like Pantene’s ‘Ice Shine’ range. It makes the silver quite sparkly in the light.

  3. says

    My hair is very coarse and wavy so I love Carol’s Daughter. They have a Mimosa Hair Honey that is a great leave in. Gives me lots of shine and takes away frizz without makin me feel greasy or have heavy hair. I love it but have to be careful not to use too much. It smells so good!!

  4. Marilyn says

    I’ve been using Phyto whitening shampoo for grey and white hair. It is wonderful and it can be used everyday. I have more white at the front and around my face, since using Phyto it it very bright and white. When you stop using it, and I never will, your white hair returns to its own shade of white.

    I highly recommend it.


  5. Robin says

    I am starting to gray. It is coming quick, fast and in a hurry! I am an african american looking for a good shampoo and conditioner. I am NOT interested in coloring!

    Please HELP! :)

    • Vhonda says

      Carol's Daughter makes fabulous hair products for women of color. Women of all color use these products. They can help you.

  6. going gray says

    Hi Robin,

    I have also heard great things about Carol’s Daughter for African American hair. You should be good to go with their products that take care of dry, fragile hair. Shine and mositure are the key.

    Going Gray

  7. Joy Ellis says

    Is there a whole line of products for silver/white hair? A good shampoo, conditioner, body builder and shine product?

  8. irish119 says

    I have used so many different silver hair-care shampoos, and the best remains Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo & Conditioner. From the get-go you know it’s different from anything else – it has the strong smell of haircolor, and I assume it’s depositing some color, especially the conditioner. NOTHING works as well as this stuff. One use and any yellow or dull hair is sparkling silver. It’s amazing stuff and I highly recommend it.

  9. says

    I use Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo. I also have started to massage my scalp as I read that this also helps. I would NEVER dye my hair again. When I finally got the dye out of my hair and went completely "salt and pepper" it felt very liberating.

  10. Leslie says

    Unfortunately, I use(d) Pantene ProV Silver Expressions…never found anything that looked as good…my dark brunette daughter loved it as well…how it left her hair, no other Pantene worked as well. But…they have apparently eliminated it.

  11. Kim says

    I used the "Pantene Pro V Silver Expressions" for awhile.

    I've since switched to, "ShiKai Color Reflect Platinum"
    It works as well if not better than the Pantene, with the added benefits of NOT being tested on animals! It has Blue Malva it's made without a ton of chemicals as well.
    I buy mine at "Whole Foods", you could look at other natural foods stores as well.
    They have a website, that you can prob. order from if that's easier.


  12. Katya says

    There is nothing like Silver Fox Shampoo. I'm blonde and works great . Its the original 50 yrs old formula. I buy from Also you can buy conditioner. Great hair care products for blonde & grey. You can also
    find by

  13. Marcia says

    I have about 2 inches of grey on top of my head but the remaining locks are brown (hair dye). Any suggestions for shampoo and conditioner when the hair is in flux?

  14. Avril says

    Hi -all the above sounds great -BUt could i be told where to purchase these products
    here in darkest South Africa?

  15. Rai says

    Oops the above is not the greatest typing but unfortunately I am her husband and I know she is looking for a product to keep her lovely silver hair silver.Could anyone kindly assist?

  16. jill says

    hi i am looking for a styling mousse for my silver hair to maintain its shine i was using touch of silver by schwatzkop but its discontinued any suggestions please

  17. Carol says

    Does anyone know where or who sells white permanent hair color? I have gray hair, but I would like it to be white. Any suggestions? thanks

  18. andrea says

    There are products that help clarify grey hair. I use "shimmer lights" shampoo and conditioner for blond and silver hair. It helps clarify yellow tones. I haven't found anything to make my darker hair whiter though, so if you find something, let me know. There are dyes, of course, for theater people. But that isn't what I want. If you want that, try places that sell theater make-up. Even Beauty supply stores might carry that. They will carry the clarifying shampoos, etc.

  19. Chantal says

    Hello am so happy to know that many people love grey hair. I have grey hair and I love it,and will never change it. Now I need your help? Am from Africa to get best shampoo is not easy and when I see people in saloons changing outing coloer I feel so bad. But I think may be its not easy to get the best shampoo here. How can you help. Thank you


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