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Silver, Gray and Glam: Eight Summer Scarves That Add a Pop!

Summer is such a wonderful time with all the barbeques, pool parties, weddings ... Of course, with all the fun events ahead, you'll want to make sure you've got the perfect accessories to enjoy it all in! Stella & Dot's summer styles will have you looking fresh and well-styled this summer. … [Read More...]


Our Summer Crush: 6 Sweet and Colorful Handbags

So, yes, we actually have a summer crush. Actually, we have a few... We'd like to introduce you to 6 handbags that are making our summer HOT! Rock one these handbags to add a pop to a favorite summer outfit. Everything together will have your silver or gray singing a lovely summer tune. Click the … [Read More...]


Iris Apfel on Style

We love Iris Afpel. Recently she started selling some of her prize possessions at One Kings Lane. There are a few things left, so take a peek. But first, listen to Iris speak about personal style, both on your body and in your home. At 93, she is still witty as ever. We love how she introduces … [Read More...]

Reader’s Stories


Graying While Pregnant: Verena’s Story

Greetings from Munich, Germany! My name is Verena, I am 41, I have been openly gray (pun intended) since I turned 35 and I am 35 weeks pregnant today. I noticed my first silver linings when I was in my early 20's, but had started to chemically treat my hair at the age of 13. I stopped using chemical hair dye when I got pregnant with my daughter in 2007 because I thought it might harm her. During pregnancy, natural hair dye such as Henna, Amla and Indigo were fine – I had time and found a product that covered the gray, but it needed to sit on my head for four hours! When the little one … [Read More...]

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Kim Corothers: Her Going Grey Story

We received this lovely email from Kim Corothers: I am in my 43rd year and I decided in the spring that I was going to ditch the dye. I discussed with my hairstylist and she was more than supportive. We've been working on a color blend and I have about an inch of natural growth. I would  like to add that my whole life, my hair has been a source of my 'vanity', it is thick, it has remained healthy even when I've abused my beautiful mane ever since the age of 13 with colorant and style trends. The funniest thing is, I have been wanting to grow out my grey for a long, long time and once I made … [Read More...]

Patricia Biesen

Going Gray: Patricia Biesen’s Story

I'm an artist blogger for Rebelle Society and being a creative person I've always had a different take on grey hair. I've always thought grey hair was really beautiful. I think it makes people glow. As we get older our faces (at least for most of us) do not look good with dark hair framing them. Nature provides the perfect beauty accessory: lighter hair! I'm so inspired by grey haired models like Yasmina Rossi, Cindy Joseph and Kristin McMenamy. I love the way dark hair fades to white sort of like stones on a shore, where the tide has bleached out the color over years of waves coming in and … [Read More...]


Going Gray: Deborah Greene’s Transition to Her “New” Self

Tomorrow is the 3rd haircut in my transition to going "salt & pepper" and letting my "silver highlights" shine! I have been fortunate, my transition, aided by my most amazing hairstylist & a good shaggy short cut, has been (thus far) a relatively graceful & pain free one. My daughters remarked on our walk last night, how much of my silver they could really see now, especially out in the natural light. It's weird sometimes, I'll admit it, to look in the mirror and see this new version of myself unfolding. And yet, I feel comfortable-the fine lines, the gray hair it is me--some … [Read More...]


Musicians Rocking the Gray!

We recently received an email from Teresa: I started going grey in my mid-teens just as many of my mother's family have done. Since I am a musician it was any easy thing to cover for many years; my hair has been everything from close to my natural brown/black to purple, burgundy, auburn, etc. l was fearless with a bottle of color, and no one was ever surprised when I turned up with a new color as it was just a part of who I was. That changed in my early thirties. … [Read More...]